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david prown 120The prime years of my youth growing up in Connecticut was the late 60's and most of the 70's. I was the quintessential sports junkie. Not good enough to make school sports teams, travel teams didn't exist yet nor really did youth soccer, I played recreation or neighborhood sports every available moment. I supplemented that by gobbling up every smidgen of sports information available. With no internet, no sports radio and sports TV shows (outside of live events), I often turned to the local newspaper, Sports Illustrated magazine (subscriber since 1967), and TV sporting events.

So when I started hearing about the movie "Rush", it took me back to the 70's when I knew all the players in all the sports, in Formula One Grand Prix race car driving.

Wasn't that interested, but watched the races and read the stories just to keep feeding my sports beast.

I clearly remember the successes of Austrian Niki Lauda probably cause of his cool name and other racers of the day like Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti, Jody Scheckter, Jacky Ickx and more (Candidly I don't remember the name James Hunt, movie co-star and huge talent but I suspect more so due to his forgettable name).

So I clearly remember the crash of Niki Lauda, but it was his return to the track just 42 days later which became a big story even in the main stream media.

Anyway, this was a most engaging and interesting film as I couldn't remember much of how the story went. But the watching the path of wild card, play boy, risk taker James Hunt from Britain "Chris Hemsworth" vs the path of techno-driver, auto wiz, by the book driver "Niki Lauda" made for a great ying vs yang story.

Fantastic footage of race sequences which one normally won't think of as very interesting or exciting, but the Uber director Ron Howard makes magic happen on the screen.

I really was entertained and informed by this well done film - highly recommend whether you are a race fan or not.

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