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david prown 120I'm not a sci-fi guy, nor a space fan, nor a 3-D guy. I also really couldn’t imagine either big screen stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock in a space 3-D thriller. Rated PG-13 and being shown everywhere, the previews looked, we'll say, interesting.

An accident happens in space and they deal with it on their own. Clearly, it seemed like the previews inspired one to go out for the visual aspects of this film. So, out of respect for 2 prime time stars, I went and was very, very pleased I did.

Tension right and tight from the get-go. The 3-D aspect worked very effectively without being over the top. This was a very visually captivating film with not a lot spoken word.

Throughout most of the film, Bullock was on her own so she was speaking to herself or no one in particular (sort of like Tom Hanks in Cast Away".

This 90 minute movie zipped along and worked extremely well. Very happy I went to see it.

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