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david prown 120I never watch movies on DVD's or stream. It is either the big screen or nothing. So sometimes I get a little crazy and try to fit in movies all over the place if I think a film will "leave" before I get to see it.

The arab film "WADJDA" playing at Red Bank's Bow Tie Theatre is one of those films that I had a feeling would be gone in a week.

Hence thought I could pull off going to the 10pm show on Saturday night knowing it was only 100 minutes long. Made a quick stop at 7-11 and bought an extra large coffee that I drank and settled in to see this sub-titled foreign film.

Wadjda is a very likable 10 year old girl raised by a single single mom.

Clearly she has been raised with many modern & western influences which are 180 degrees anthetical to the values of the streets, the neighbor, the school , the cultural etc. Kind of nice seeing all the space, support etc Mom gives Wadjda (mom is a free spirit herself and quite a looker). Clearly this child raising philosophy is an Arab rarity and I don't this film explains the genesis of this.

This independent spirit creates the essense of this movie in that this precocious 10 year clearly acts older, has her own ideas, values (and a quick mouth) along with a sincere drive to achieve her persona goals. Rated PG which is nice and moves along okay.

Clearly I was tired and drowsy thru most of the film so don’t value my lack of over enthusiasm ....

Nice film...didn’t quite capture the drive that I expected but remember I was drowsy.

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