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david prown 120All the previews showed the new movie "Enough Said" starring the Late James Gandolfini and Julia Louis Dreyfus to be the quintessential Romantic Comedy movie.

Of course, this would be a movie I would go see just to be entertained and no take away.

Movie started out with that romantic comedy notion and seeing the teddy bear Mr. Gandolfini doing his magic and Ms. Dreyfus being her normal quirky, likable self up on the screen. That was the pattern for the first quarter of the movie and I was content.

The middle half of the film, the genre clearly turned away from romantic and comedy.

Themes like awkwardness, uncomfortable, little meanness dominated along with very believable family issues. Not knowing where this movie was going, I must say I was telling myself that I really didn't like this movie.

Then as the movie wore on and lI eft my predetermined thoughts about the movie behind, I really, really started to like the anguish in this film. At the end of the day, we are talking about a movie with an excellent script and top notch acting addressing real family and relationship issues. Julia Louis Dreyfus was off the charts. Sure, you saw a little of her TV characters, but you also really saw her pain, her love and her heart.

Seriously, she could gain a nomination.

This became such a splendid film. Wow!  Poignant, painful, yet real and special. I can't believe I flip-flopped on this film...twice no less.

Extremely well done film.