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david prown 120In the 70's, I was a huge Woody Allen fan seeing "many times" Sleeper, Bananas, Play it Again Sam, Annie Hall and Everything you wanted to know about Sex. Once Manhattan, Interiors etc. came along I seen virtually none of his films (except to me the forgettable Match Point, Midnight in Paris and To Rome with Love).

I just liked the early stuff when the Woodster, at his neurotic best ruled the screen and the laughs were off the charts.

Well "Blue Jasmine" is being marketed as a comedy and has been received very, very favorably by viewers and fans alike with Woody being the director/writer (no on screen time).

I'm telling you folks, I did not fall asleep during this film...I was ready....and, and I really "didn't like it".

What laughs? This flick maybe well done and well cast, but funny ..No way. Lots of sad undertones involving infidelity, class struggles, money, drugs and alcohol abuse, anger etc. etc.

Kate Blanchett, the star was a total basket case and who could possibly relate to her character? She rode the coattails of a rich, deceiving, adulterous, thieving husband until his shady life with other ladies and scandalous deals caught up with him.

She burns and crashes. Comes to San Francisco to live with the only family she has left (fellow adopted sister) who is barely keeping it together herself.

Jasmine is a wreck and spends the whole movie chasing weird Don Quixote like dreams and illusions as she relentlessly lies to herself, her sister,and new acquaintances to get ahead.

And guess what ...she burns and crashes again and again.

Not happening, not going to happen, doesn't happen..what was the point of this movie.

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