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david prown 120Yesterday, I had to do something to to distract myself for 2-3 hours from a stressful situation. So escaped to the movies and the only flick that fit the time slot was a new movie called "The Miller's".

I had seen the previews and candidly looked like a dumb comedy. But that was ok as I just had to take my mind off something and if I fell asleep, fine.

Plus the reviews

on moviefone.com were horrible.

Very simple plot of a drug dealer, virgin boy teen, stripper and a runaway come together as a fictitious family to help the dealer (the unknown to me Jason Sudelikis) bring back a big shipment of drugs to pay off a drug debt to Ed Helms.

Never expected this movie to work at all (also stars Jennifer Aniston) BUT IT REALLY DOES. This movie is R+ so keep your mind open for back language, situations, vices etc. however, it is terrifically funny. Seriously better than "Hangover 3" which I thought was pretty good.

Many, many funny scenes, lines etc. This movie will get an excellent word of mouth and was very entertaining. It will do well in the box office for sure. Big time sophomoric humor that really moves along.

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