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david_prown_120My movie "Hot Streak" had to end and I was pretty sure it was going to burn and crash this past Friday in going to see "It's So Exciting" in Red Bank.

I heard no buzz about it, though it had a pretty famous Spanish director (Pedro Almodovar).  I heard the cast included Penelope Cruz and Antonio Banderas.

Well both Cruz and Banderas were in the first four minutes of the movie and then never again....explain that to me. This was some wacko sex comedy that takes in an airplane doom that has a failed landing gear and is preparing for a hard landing.

To forget about the on-coming crash, sex, drugs and alcohol take over the plane plus some pretty lame humor.

Just didn't get this movie at all and took a good nap. P.S. Plane lands safely and every body is okay. I actually wanted to ruin the movie for you to ensure you save $10 and don't go.

Ugh....well, it happens.

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