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david_prown_120Prown Rules of Movies - that I find often come true. There are two. First, when it is a 2 word movie title and the first word is "The", the movie generally are pretty bad. Secondly, when a comedy preview looks really bad, generally the movie pretty lousy as all the best parts are in the previews themselves.

Well, "The Heat" starring Sandra Bullock and of Mike and Molly fame debunks the Prown Movie Rules and is off the charts outstanding. What a tremendous comedy team that compliment and play of each other beautifully.

This movie is endlessly funny led by REALLY BAD language from these ladies that really works..

This movie is going to be a box office smash as well as for sure you will see this pairing again and again. Many comedies today set up for a big funny scene yet this movie was just an endless riff off funny words, funny scenes and funny actions.

The audience of all ages was roaring throughout.

No sex and yes, some violence, but its a language that makes it an R movie. IT was so funny in a traditional comedy way that it was worth every penny of admission to see it.


As good as, if not better, a feel good, cop, buddy movie as "Nick Nolte and Eddie Murphy"

in 48 Hours and the sequels as well as "Mel Gibson and Danny Glover" in the Lethal Weapon series.

This is a Must Movie

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