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david_prown_120You'll be able to tell by this review that I am truly not a movie critic rather just a novice movie reviewer. "Before Midnight" is the third part of a trilogy movie made over the last 18 years ("Before Sunrise" and "Before Sunset". All 3 have starred Julie Delpy & Ethan Hawke along with Director Richard Linklater (I think all 3 helped in the writing of the film.)

I really don't remember being at the first and second movie but I could have given my notoriety for sleeping.

The story continues with the American, divorced husband and the French wife are now living in France. In this movie, they are on a vacation in Greece with friends who gave them a mini 2nd honeymoon by watching their daughter and buying them a overnight package at a nice local hotel.

The movie centers around long conversations between the husband and wife who are both in love and in conflict. The most memorable part of the movie and the core of the film are simple discussions between husband and wife that ratchet up into a couple full blown arguments with dagger-like words.

As an audience member said walking out that overheard, "why would I pay 12 bucks to watch something that I can get at home for free". 

I have to agree.

Clearly the script, the words and the delivery were exceptionally well done because it was so painful to the audience. So yes, classically, it was a well-done film - but it sure was uncomfortable.

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