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david_prown_120There has been such a barren landscape of decent movies over the last 4 weeks + (except Quartet). You would think post Academy Award bounce, better weather (winter ending), yet spring not here; this would be a prime time new release period...not.

Heard decent things about "Emperor" and just had to go see something. I knew it was a period based theme and I definitely like history. Had no idea if based on a true story or not (and really didn't care).

Very excited to see early on in the film the presence of a grizzled Tommy Lee Jones (always good) as General MacArthur. However the casting of the hunky Matthew Fox as Gen. Bonner Fellers just didn't work for me and I found it distracting. Too good looking, heals miraculously from injuries and looks strikingly like a younger Mitt Romney.

There wasn't a ton of characters with foreign names which can get confusing (like "Zero Dark Thirty), but still could have used a line-up card. More critical, post film when they were rolling information telling what happened to all the players. They would just show the real life pictures of the person and tell you what happened to them.  No problem with the 3 American actors, but much trickier with the Japanese leaders. Why not show both their real life picture and the picture of the corresponding actor.

Fellers love interest with a Japanese teacher he met in the US was believable and wasn't distracting.

On a day that I really needed a movie to work, though interesting, it was also forgettable.