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david_prown_120I haven't been to flicks in a few weeks and recently had a very slender window of time to go see something. Hadn't heard a buzz on anything recently and wasn't very optimistic about finding anything good. Figured I would just end watching something not very good and taking a good nap.

Visited old friend moviefone.com and the only movie that fit the schedule and had decent reviews was a film called "Safe Haven". In fact, moviefone.com only had 8 viewer reviews (4.5 stars out of 5 which is very good) and 0 critic reviews which scared me.

Had absolutely no knowledge of this movie's story nor any of the actors.  Right from the start the movie was compelling. Clearly there was the love story/romantic comedy angle to about 90% of the movie.

The two primary stars (Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough) looked familiar but I couldn't place them in anything. She was a knockout/girl next door to look at, and I'm sure for many, he was the same.

The other 10% was a darker/thriller part and it was really well woven into the story in the smallest of snippets so you knew it was there.

An ending that totally shocked me. This was a really, really enjoyable and different sort of movie. Compelling and captivating, you were really rooting for this couple to find each other (and happiness) at the same time knowing trouble lurked around the corner.

If you like chick flicks with a slight edge, I recommend you see this film.  I really enjoyed.

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