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david_prown_120"Zero Dark Thirty" had many of aspects of a movie that got me so pumped to see it.  Major motion picture, true story, not a very fancy cast and long.

I went to see it yesterday.  Had my coffee and had my nap ... I was locked and loaded.

About 30 minutes in I'm thinking, this is a little slow, a little boring.  I thought the same 60 minutes in...90 minutes in etc.

Hard to follow as I'm not so familiar with Muslim names.  I thought they added to much drama to lead actress Jessica Chastain and made to seem to emotional and a whiner vs being a brilliant tactician.

I generally didn't connect with the cast at all.  And maybe part of it is the fact that CIA work is slow, long, very small threads of information, percentages/probability and more.

The actual "mission scene" when they went after Osama Bin Laden (OBL as he was referred to in the movie) was the most interesting.

But seriously, this film was a dud and forgettable.  I was very disappointed.  Very little tension.

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