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david_prown_120The new movie starring Evan McGregor and Naomi Watts traces the true story of a families first hand experience with the 2004 Thailand Tsunami. The original family is spanish and here, the family, with 3 boys, is British - but that doesn't mean a thing.

Don't expect some Disney ending or virtually any smiles. This movie is intensely painful and anguishing but all in a good way. It perfectly captures and engulfs us in the utter horror of this Christmas time tragedy unlike any other. Over 200,000 people were killed.

The sound track is haunting and tempered and perfectly compliments the moment.

Like in our post-Sandy world, it was beautiful to see so much strength and so much human spirit. Also makes one realize that Sandy was a mere drop in the bucket compared to this horror.

Here we followed the plight of a clearly affluent family on holiday. I can only imagine thousands of native, poor families still dealing with this tragedy today and for decades more.

How do folks persevere and bounce back thru experiences like these...I just don't want to know (1st hand).

I can't imagine this movie doing well here domestically, especially on the east coast in this post-Sandy period, unless Ms. Watts wins the best actress category at the Oscars.

I went to the late show and didn't sleep for 1 second. Definitely not for kids younger than high school unless you want them to have nightmares. Even in the happy times in the film - which were very short and quick - you were transformed back to the horror.

Easy to google to find how the family ended up, but that is not what the movie is about...it is about family, the human spirit and love in the face of unprecedented tragedy.

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