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david_prown_120Moviefone.com review percentages told me not to go...but I went. Well I needed a good nap. Brad Pitt, Ray Liotta, Richard Jenkins, James Gandolfini & more in the cast, how bad could it be.

Well it wasn't bad as there were a couple of good things about it. It was short, only

97 minutes.

The music was great, quirkly older tunes that really worked with this noir sort of feeling film.

Characters and story a bit unorthodox which is fine too...but it just didn't work.

Definitely some darn violent scenes, but understandable. Movie was set in the fall of 2008 so lots President Bush and others speaking in the background of the financial crisis. Also interspersed were plenty of then Senator Obama stump speechs of hope, promise, etc.

This movie will not go any place in the box office. It might have done okay last weekend as it was a quiet movie release weekend, but then it will die quickly.