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david_prown_120Saw some previews for "Silver Linings Playbook", just didn't look interesting.

Had a window of time to see a new movie today and couldn't fit in Life of Pi. So visited moviefone.com which had solid viewer and critic percentages for "Silver Linings Playbook" - was real surprised and fully intended to nap.

Then the movie started to unfold about pretty boy "Bradley Cooper" who was just released from a lower security mental facility. Goes home to reconcile his life with family, restraining order from work and wife...so lots of hurdles.

Clearly has lots of issues, not very likable but trying hard to right the ship. Movie includes Robert DeNiro so that got my attention. I had such low expectations of this movie and as it unfolded even less so as he started to connect with a young lady who had plenty of issues of her own (Jennifer Lawrence who I never heard of but really becomes a most interesting character on multiple levels).

Slowly, oh so slowly, but nicely this film really started to connect. I guess I would call this a romantic - comedy (but lite on both) and no doubt a chick flick. "But I liked it...I really liked it".

I don't know why, it won't do well in the box office but it just worked. Plus I really liked the fanaticism of many of the characters about the Philadelphia Eagles football team. I loved the hometown passion, the loyalty, the heartbreak and watching them stop their lives come game day.

Major kudos to one dance scene with the early Bob Dylan/Johnny Cash song "Girl from the North Country" - what a killer, folk song. You tube it . Plus the trailer song of "Ho Hey" by the Lumineers is so nice.

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