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david_prown_120With the family shipped out of state having no power, nothing much else to do after work than go to a movie.

Not a big fan of the traditional James Bond series. But when Daniel Craig came aboard, the action/effects really stepped up and the series became quite entertaining.

So trundled off to opening day of "Skyfall" and simply it was terrific. Opening action sequence is always good (not as good as the legendary 1st Daniel Craig/Bond picture. Then always love the very distinctive rolling of the full credits after the 1st scene which includes the title song "Skyfall by Adele" and great graphics.

No doubt what makes this movie special is the hugely increased amount of screen time for "M" or 007's boss Juli Dench. A truly iconic actress unlike any other. She dominates the screen unlike an other playing a very stoic, calm, professional throughout.

Seeing her on the big screen is worth the price of admission alone.

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