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david_prown_120The minute I saw the previews for "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" a few months ago, I knew it was a movie I wanted to see and that I would like.

Saw it the other day and my instincts were right. Hey, this is not some Academy Award winner, but just a good coming of age movie of teenage angst in this era.

Excellent casting (Emma Watson is a scene stealer) in this film based on the 1999 novel. I like how the director stayed true to the time that it was written in that I don't think I cell a single cell phone, tablet, laptop was shown nor a mention of social media etc.

Story revolves around 9th grader Charley who lost his best friend to suicide the year before and is following in the huge footsteps of his football star brother now playing at Penn State (really wonder if the author would have selected Penn State if the novel was written in 2012). He is very smart, almost nerdish and very unlike his brother or well liked senior sister.

Some real teenage angst moments that Charley (Logan Lerman) that really struck me in that they were portrayed so well. 1st when at a football game, Charley, sitting by himself, scans the packed bleachers for a friendly face (and takes a chance). Same occurs at the Homecoming Dance where after standing for a long time by himself, drums up the courage to walk on the dance floor and again (take a chance).

Several other sub-stories that are actually pretty good and work well into explaining Charley. I love his group of friends, their quirkiness, their loyalty etc.

I really enjoyed this film.

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