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david_prown_120The previews for the film tell the story of this film, so no surprises to anyone.

Super-talented commercial airline pilot (Dentzel Washington) lands a plane that literally no other pilot could have. He is the hero of the day, but his daily encounters with drugs and alcohol taint his iconic deed.

The story centers around Washington's battle with clear drug and alcohol addiction. John Goodman, Don Cheadle and Bruce Greenwood have fine supporting roles in this film.

This film clearly holds ones attention and there is no way one could like or cheer for this addict.

The movie story line isn't so interesting or compelling - it is all about Denzel. We are talking a big-time, acting icon who simply dominates the screen and captivates the viewer. On less than 1 hand are their current actors that could capture this role and lock in the viewers like Denzel.

Entertaining film no doubt.