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david_prown_120I was intrigued to see the movie "The Oranges" for a couple of reasons.

First, the preview seemed to give the whole movie away (best friend couples, upscale suburban neighbors, not very strong marriages, one neighbor becomes involved with 24 year daughter of the other, all sorts of problems start happening) so I was extra curious where it could possibly go . Secondly, I love Oliver Platt in most anything and the notion that his wife in the flick was Allison Janney made it all see more fun. Lastly, I wanted to see the most vile Dr. House (Hugh Laurie) play a very gentle role.

The premise of this movie is most uncomfortable despite a most esteemed cast. Funny in many parts but with the right amount of taste.

To me the breakout star of this film is "Alia Shawkat" whom I've seen on either TV or movies multiple times and just can't place her. She seems forgotten by her parents, forgotten by her best friend, sort of lives an invisible life and yet is brilliant in her role. Scenes with her two co-workers at the furniture store are remarkably simple, real and integral to her life.

I really liked this movie because it was uncomfortable, pretty unbelievable and that it had an okay but not a happy ending.

I don't think this movie will be in theatres for long

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