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david_prown_120It had been 2 weeks since I've been to the movies, so I was seriously jonesing for a good flick. So of course I turned to the Clearview in Red Bank and selected "Arbitrage" over "The Master" last night.

Starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon, had to be pretty good... and that is what it was. Gere is a high finance billionaire who is ridiculously rich, powerful, influential along with being a lying, ruthless businessman, father and husband.

Darn predictable as his life of lies and living on the edge spins totally out of control (no pun intended) as he kills his mistress in a car accident. He keeps weaving a web of lies and cover ups to mask this tragedy combined with a massive financial fraud he has woven within his company.

To be honest, this movie was entertaining but forgettable. Gere is a pretty rotten person who places money and power over family and honesty. By the end of the film, the ugliness seems to prevail.

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