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david_prown_120"Lawless" was one of the most unexpected, enjoyable movies of the summer. Set during the prohibition early 30's, follows the true life story of the 3 Bondurant Brothers in the "very wet" Franklin County, Virginia.

Simply this band of brothers, led by hard as nails brother Forrest "Tom Hardy" are the leading bootleggers in the county and play by their rules. When the government comes in to either get a piece of the action, Forrest rebuffs playing the game and declares war.

Forrest's brothers are Jason Clarke and the well know Shia LaBeouf. The latter starts as the youngest and softest brother who evolves to being a a wanna be tough guy, showing his $ about in an effort to impress a lady. Clearly, especially since there is no mother or father about, these boys are fiercely loyal to each other and each (except Forrest) have an achillies heel.

I don't remember Tom Hardy from other movies but he sure has a recognizable face. He plays such a great role as the patriarch of the family and the business.

Totally tough as

nails, 100% focused on the family and the business. Isn't distracted by the money "nor the dame" Jessica Chastain).

His battles with nemisis Special Agent played by Guy Pearce is legendary. Pearce is a fancy/dancy Chicagoan yet is utterly ruthless and fearless.

Cast also includes Gary Oldman and Mia Wasikowska.

It was a great "period" film and Forrest is really a character who dominates the screen as well as any male actor this year.

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