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david_prown_120I'm not surprised at all that I liked the movie "Sparkle". I love singing, especially R&B singing. I also like American Idol (when I get to watch) and enjoyed Jordin Sparks as sort of an understated personality.

Same holds true in this film, which is a remake of the '76 version which I don't remember at all. True this movie is getting lots of talk due to the leading role of the late, great Whitney Houston.

But to me it is "all about the singing" especially since these are essentially original songs.

Set in the 60's, Detroit, girls group, strict single Mom dealing with her own issues, plenty of church and plenty of distractions (men, drink, drugs).

The path of the story is not surprising nor is the ending. Still I found it most enjoyable, and even more so as the movie moved along.

Good stuff!

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