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david_prown_120Took a teenager to see this film the other day because he said the dancing was really good in the earlier "Step Up" movies. Guess what folks - the dancing was great!

That is it..that is why you go see the movie. Story line totally predictable and told a million times. That is why there is no name actors except Peter Gallagher and there would be no need for better actors. Script probably written in 20 minutes on the back of a napkin. Doesn't matter.

It was all about the dancing/music/flash mobs. If you like that, you'll really like this movie.

Also PG-13 and very clean which was a nice change of pace.

Folks it was a 9:05 pm show, no 5 hour energy, no soda, no pre-movie nap and I don't I slept for a minute. So darn entertaining and incredible choreography.

I enjoyed it.

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