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david_prown_120Just needed a movie today after tennis and a La Esquina Turkey Torta sandwich - don't ask me why...just had to go.

When I'm on the fence and nothing stands out, I visit the critics ratings at moviefone.com and really look for something with a 70% rating or better.

Everything (including Joan Ellis's review and moviefone.com critics ratings told me not to go. But I took a little nap, had a sandwich, had a 5 hour energy plus Woody Allen can't be all bad...and it wasn't.

Sort of felt like I had to go just to pay homage to Mr. Allen for all his brilliant early flicks like Sleeper, Love and Death, Annie Hall and more that defined my high school years.

Strong cast with Mr. Allen himself, Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz (hubba, hubba), Judy Davis and my new fav, Greta Gerwig (don't ask we why - she's odd and interesting on the screen).

A bunch 3-4 mini stories sort of tied together all set in Rome. None that interesting or funny.

Still, it was entertaining (but I did sleep a bit - hint, hint). Ellen Page is type cast, Jesse Eisenberg was initially funny when he was like an early Woody Allen - then he predictably falls for Miss Page - waste of movie time.

I was just surprised how weak the lines were for Mr. Allen. He was his regular neurotic self, but often the lines/jokes just didn't work.

Thrilled to see Clearview in RB had an 11am show and hoped they would have the same $6 price Hazlet and Monmouth Mall have before noontime - NOT - $ 9.50.

Oh well, still a great theatre.

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