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david_prown_120I remember seeing the previews for "Moonrise Kingdom" several times and being very intrigued as it looked generally odd and different. Plus, it didn't hurt that the cast included many of my favorite actors like Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Frances McDormand, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schartzman, Harvey Keitel and Bill Murray.

The two young people main characters I absolutely never heard of and totally steal the movie.

Worth the price of admission alone to see these two lone wolfs, sort of outcasts, find each other, run away and are incredibly true to each other. Clearly they have found that one and only person in this world that really 'gets' them.

This off beat movie was MUCH BETTER THAN THAT. Interesting, fun, innocent, brilliantly cast, incredible music to reflect the quirkiness of 1965 just before the hippy revolution. You could see foreshadowing of "young people" breaking away from traditions in this film.

What costumes, what colors, what fun!

Such a simple story filmed in such a unique way - JUST GO TODAY. A very different film that totally engages you. rated pg-13