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david_prown_120I just had to see the "3 Stooges" movie and I didn't have high expectations. Really don't recall the Stooges being a big part of my younger life. Moreso they great in infamy as we all started the impressions.

Well the flick was terrific, mindless fun. 1st 15 minutes priceless in that it brought back so many fun memories and 10-12 year old stooges were brilliant. Yes the "schtick" tired a bit as the movie wore on, but it is what it is.

Great not having really any famous actors so you weren't looking to see "how good a job they did". Must say it killed me having Jennifer Hudson in a movie and not hearing her really sing (1 small snippet).

Anyway, great fun...very happy I went and do recommend for us baby boomers. Movie was made in the perfect spirit of the iconic show and nothing else.

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