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david_prown_120Very interested last week to go see the highly acclaimed Jewish foreign film "Footnote" playing at the RB Arts Cinema.

The preview looked pretty straight forward. Both Father and Son were reknown scholars. There is a big, prestigious award. The committee wanted to give it to the son but an administrative error led the award being announced that the Dad won it.

The movie revolves around the son's quandry on what to do, how to handle etc.

Simple but could be interesting NOT.

I was ready for this film (i.e. awake) and moviefone gave it a killer good both critic and viewer score.

Movie was good for maybe 20 minutes as it set up the story and then got both confusing and remarkably slow. This Oscar nominated foreign film of the year was remarkably forgettable for me....didn't work at all.

I was bummed.

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