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david_prown_120Got a free pass thru the good folks at Redbankgreen.com and I guess the movie supporters (not really sure - some lady spoke at the beginning of the film but did not introduce who she was and why they were offering free passes to this film).

Was held at Red Bank Arts cinema on Broad St. and I had seen previews for "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" over the last few months and looked like a nice film...and it was.

Sort of a Disney film in the sense of some nice, packaged story that was warm and fuzzy plus funnier that I expected. Killer cast, Emily Blunt, Ewan MacGregor and Kristin Scott Thomas in this film directed by the extremely talented and noted Lasse Hallstorm.

No clues about the genesis of this film, but again Disney-like in the sense of dreaming the impossible, you root for the characters and then overcoming some hurdles the magic happens.

I think I'm getting older because this is the 1st time I've ever used this word in describing anything but the film was "delightful".

Go with an open mind, lean back, imagine and have fun.

A nice, easy relaxing film.

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