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david_prown_120Ryan Gosling is a major acting talent ...right up there with the big boys. This guy came out of nowhere with 3 1/2 big time acting roles in the last 12 months (check out my earlier reviews).

He has been incredible, screen talent as good as anybody in the last 20 years. "All Good Things", "Blue Valentine" and now "Drive" have been memorable acting performances.

And although "Crazy, Stupid, Love." didn't really impress me as a movie, his presence on the screen was just as captivating.

He may be getting a bit type casted as this strong, dark, silent type that has an "off"

personality, but he is SO GOOD!

In "Drive", this movie had the fewest spoken words by a lead since Tom Hanks in "Cast Away". The silence in this film speaks volumes. He totally hooked the audience with his very unemotional facial expressions and short sentences.

This movie is so well made and Gosling, though with a real noir and quietly violent streak, you really root for him. As violent a movie that I have seen in a long time and my hands covered my eyes lots. But at the end of the day and throughout the film he was a "good guy" who just couldn't buy a break because of the company in the world he lives in.

This was a great film and Gosling's a big time talent.

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