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david_prown_120"Rebirth" is a 9/11 documentary that premieres on Showtime on 9/11. The film follows the lives of 5 individuals whose lives were forever changed by the events of 9/11.

I think four out of the 5 individuals were in attendance at last nights free showing at the Ct. Basie theatre. But we were introduced to them before the movie.

So they got a nice applause but we really didn't know them yet.

Should have introduced them at the end as one really bonds to all of them during the course of the documentary - how could you not. Also if we had met the director after, he would have gotten a much more significant round of applause.

Loved the original music by Philip Glass as well as some of the cover songs.

Interspersed during @ year of interviews were time lapsed photos (at a very high rate of speed) showing the work being done at Ground Zero for the construction.

Also this documentary was very careful to show minimal shots of the 9/11 carnage especially of what happened that day. It was all about "the people" who represented a very small slice of those affected by that days events. Yet it really worked in terms of connecting to the audience.

Emotional yes, but in a humanistic way vs. simply reflecting on the horror of the day.

I thought it was extremely well done, tasteful and highly impactful.

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