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david_prown_120Must have seen this movie and wrote the review on my cell phone during the power outage as just found it in an old, unread email.

With the family away and no power at home, tried to find a movie theatre open (not easy).

Finally after navigating plenty of detours and patience, found Hazlet to be open and went to see “the Idiot Brother”. Knew nothing about except the fans and critics on moviefone.com liked.

Stars “Paul Rudd” (looks familiar but I don’t know him) as this innocently honest, yet to grow up brother of 3 sisters that is unemployed and seems to keep finding bad luck with a smile on his face.

Chick flick, comedy – I don’t know. But a nice, simple movie that can’t possibly do well in the box office. Rated R with both F-bombs, adult themes, nudity etc., yet I must have seen over a dozen kids 12 and under in the theatre with their parents (maybe they couldn’t find babysitters?, still....

Pretty forgettable movie but nice.

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