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david_prown_120Wasn't real excited to see "The Guard", but a couple of my tennis playing buddies were talking about it in a positive way.

So checked it our yesterday at Red Banks priceless Clearview Movie theatre and was pleasantly surprised.

A really disjointed comedy of sorts featuring the odd couple pairings of local Irish police officer, played by long time actor, Brendan Gleeson and FBI agent played another great actor Don Cheadle.

Gleeson is a renegade, old school irreverent officer who has a lousy bedside manner, real distain for men and an Archie Bunker skill set in terms of human relations. Yet he treats all women in the film with great kindness and respect, has special police instincts that more than offset his unique police techniques.

Cheadle is brought to Ireland to try to stop a huge drug trafficking ring and brings his tried and true by the book methodologies that totally clash with Glesson.

It isn't a move that sticks with you, but a very intelligent script and the ying and yang pairing of these "forced together" police partners actually works well and is fun.

Won't do much in the box office, but could yield a nomination or 2 during the award season. DVD movie with excellent music

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