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david_prown_120Although I generally like romantic comedies, I wasn't overly compelled to go see "One Day" starring Anne Hathaway. But the time slot fit a perfectly in a window of time and love this $6, pre-12 noon fee at the Monmouth Mall.

Movie traces a 20 year relationship between 2 friends that officially meet on graduation day from college. Every July 15th, the film takes a snap shot of where they are in their respective lives and there own quirky relationship.

It is clear from early on that Emma (Anne Hathaway) was the sturdy, mature, stronger one in the relationship whose career might start slow but would continue to successfully build. While co-star Dexter (Jim Sturgess) was a bit of a cocky, showman, ladies man that was meant to burn and crash and maybe rebuild.

I won't share here where the relationship goes, ends etc. Nor anything about the 1 totally shocking blindside that send my cell phone totally flying out of my shirt pocket and landing 2 rows in front.

Anne Hathaway isn't a top tier superstar yet but sure is getting there and has an interesting screen presence.

I don't think this movie will have much in the way of box office legs and will probably do better on DVD.

Overall, pretty good. I like the way they aged the characters in terms of hair, clothing, even walking speed etc.

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