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david_prown_120It's been about 10 days since I've been at a movie and with the rain (which washed out tennis practice, I really needed to see a flick.

"Lincoln Lawyer" starring Matthew McConaughey looked okay, the time slot fit in and moviefone.com critics gave it a decent rating (3 out of 5). So off I went.

Didn't get a nap in so I snoozed a bit at the beginning which put me behind the 8 ball and I got a little lost.

But this movie was quite fun and entertaining. Enjoyed seeing that pretty boy Matthew did not have perfect teeth and my fav Marisa Tomei is getting a few wrinkles made me connect with them even more.

The 2 of them had great chemistry (as former husband and wife) as well as fell lawyers on different sides of the table. M.M. is this hot shot, hard working, clever, out on a limb, renegade lawyer who is totally connected with all the players in the police/legal community. Always making deals while thinking on his feet zipping around town (in his Lincoln/office) - hence the title.

Very good story, clever, fun and not exactly mindless. A perfect rainy day movie with plenty of recognizable actors. Enjoy.