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ImageThis past weekend, as I watched the broadcast of the Barack Obama rally that took place at the Lincoln Memorial, I was somewhat perplexed. The crowds cheered, cried, reached out to Obama, and did everything short of kiss the man's feet. WHY? What has Barack Obama done besides speak eloquently and retrace Abraham Lincoln's train ride to Washington? Why are people heralding Obama's arrival in the White House as though the man walks upon water?

Then it hit me. The American people aren't weeping upon seeing Barack Obama's face solely because they view him as a Messiah; they are sobbing with joy at NOT seeing the face of George Bush.

In large part, Barack Obama owes his popularity, and his triumph over the Republican presidential nominee to the utter failings of George Bush. Let's be honest. Obama could sing the praises of cheetos during his inaugural speech, and the crowd would hear what they want to hear (Change! Change! Change!), and cheer.

Note to the general public: any man hoisted upon a pedestal is bound to fall off.

Let's be fair to Barack Obama. We don't know what type of President he is yet. What we do know is what he is NOT. He is NOT a Messiah. He is NOT a magician. He is NOT (oh, thank you, Lord!) George Bush. He is our new President, a man of charm and poise, a man blessed with a golden tongue, a man whose infamous charisma is compounded by his predecessor's shortcomings and by media hype. Barack Obama is a man untested. As such, he does not deserve the burden of standing upon a pedestal far above the American people. What he does deserve is respect, and time to turn this nation around.

God bless Barack Obama. May President Obama lead our nation well. May he restore our hope, and our pride. May he prove to be the man the American people think he is. May he be our hope and our change, standing steadfast upon the pedestal.