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anne_mikolay_120Bin Laden is dead!

My reaction to the news of Osama Bin Laden's death was immediate and visceral. My heart pounded, my stomach ached. The murderer responsible for so many deaths had finally been killed. I was overcome with a keen sense of justice...and sorrow.

Don't get me wrong. I shed absolutely no tears for Osama Bin Laden. While New Yorkers dance in the streets at the news, I fully understand their glee, and on some level, share it. The United States has been vindicated! Justice has been served!

Why then, you ask, am l sorrowful? Am I a member of the minority who feels Bin Laden, as a human being, deserves mercy for the horror he unleashed upon the world? Hardly! However, I am a Christian, and there's a little voice whispering in my ear something about forgiveness; I am saddened because I will not listen.

Right now, for me, 9/11 is not about forgiveness. Bin Laden's death is about long awaited justice and closure for the families so affected by that unspeakable tragedy. This is about revenge, plain and simple. In my heart of hearts, I hope Osama Bin Laden suffered. I hope he looked at the American military surrounding him and realized with intense pain that he did not defeat the United States of America. I hope he realized with unspeakable fear that his own evil came full circle and cut him down in the end.

I am glad Osama Bin Laden is dead, yet the anger over 9/11 remains strong in me, and I cannot rejoice. I believe Bin Laden now faces the Almighty's judgment. I also believe that God, who held me together during the 9/11 tragedy, will continue to do so as navigate the muddy waters of anger and grief until I am able to listen to His whisper in my ear.











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