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anne_mikolay_120Unless you live in a cave, you're aware Britain's Prince William will marry his long-time girlfriend, Kate Middleton, at Westminster Abbey on Friday, April 29th.


At the risk of offending all the Royal watchers out there, let me just say I couldn't care less about the upcoming nuptials, nor did I care in 1981 when Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer. Despite the speculation regarding Diana's wedding dress, the subsequent comments on her lengthy train and wrinkled gown, and the media's feverish coverage of the event, I did not buy into the royal hoopla.

That's not to say I am immune to the royal family; as Lady Diana grew into her role as the Princess of Wales, my admiration and respect for her grew. Princess Diana was elegance personified. More importantly, she was a wonderful mother, an ambassador of good will, and a humanitarian. When the Peoples' Princess died on August 31, 1997, I cried. Truly, the world is diminished without her.

But have we learned nothing from her?

When Lady Diana Spencer married Prince Charles on July 29, 1981, the world fell for the fluffy fairy-tale hook, line, and sinker. Fast forward to 1996: the Prince and Princess of Wales divorced amid scandal and gossip. The royal persona of perfection crumbled; the marriage was revealed as an unhappy union from the get-go. The fancy dress, the royal coach, the sapphire ring, the countless photographs, were, in effect, fake, merely shiny wrappings hiding an ugly truth. These days, paparazzi hound Kate Middleton, speculate about her wedding attire, debate her fashion sense, compare her style to Princess Diana's. Why? What for? Have we not learned that pictures lie? Have we forgotten what living in a fish bowl did to Diana?

There are no fairy-tales, folks. There is no perfect princess counting the days until she walks down the aisle, only a young lady perhaps hoping she does not trip. There is no perfect prince waiting at the altar, only a young man looking to do his mother proud.

Let's step back, and give the man room to do just that.



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