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anne_mikolay_120On Thursday, February 24th, the Dublin House in Red Bank will welcome singer/songwriter, Steve Reilly. Reilly, a native of Ireland and current New Jersey resident, will take the stage at 9:00 pm.

Born and raised in a suburb of Dublin City, Reilly began playing guitar at the age of twelve, and by nineteen, had performed in Spain, Italy, Austria, and Australia.

“I had been predominantly performing my own material,” Reilly explained. “Which was largely in the rock vein with a somber feel. I was listening to a lot of Soundgarden and David Bowie.”

After finishing his studies at university, Reilly relocated to Spain, where he lived for three years, building a substantial following while playing music up and down the east coast of Catalunya. Reilly received recognition in Europe with his self-titled EP, and subsequently returned to Ireland to record his second album, “Tossa Sky.” The shores of the U.S.A. beckoned, and for the last four years, the artist has been “commuting” between New York/New Jersey, Ireland, and Spain, promoting “Tossa Sky.”

Reilly writes his own material; his sound has been described as a combination of folk rock and Latin soul and has often been compared to New Jersey's native son, Bruce Springsteen, an admitted influence upon this Irish charmer.

“A lot of my work is folk rock at the core,” Reilly said. “Being that folk music, for me, is essentially songs about people and my experience as one of those people. My approach to writing has been influenced by the likes of Tom Waits, Bruce Springsteen, and Johnny Cash.”

Irish singer/songwriter Steve Reilly will perform at the Dublin House on February 24th at 9:00 pm.

While Reilly's sound is often colored by Flamenco and Rumba styles, due in large part to his ties to Spain and appreciation for its passionate artistic expression, his music often embraces the traditional sound of his homeland, from the Irish folk rock bands, such as Scullion, or the jazz-tinged sound of the contemporary Irish band, Clannad.

Reilly and his band, The One Way Ticket, have performed at several prominent New Jersey venues, including Asbury Park's Stone Pony, Johnny Mac House of Spirits, the Paramount Theater, The Saint, The Wonderbar, Convention Hall, The Columns (Avon by the Sea), and Tir na nOg, Trenton's “reel Irish pub.” Reilly is also cementing his presence in his adopted state of New Jersey, reaching out to those in need by participating in the 2010 “Raise the Roof” benefit concert for Ocean Grove's Mary's Place by the Sea, a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting women stricken with cancer, and participating in the Sunday concert series at the Middletown Public Library. In lending his considerable musical talents to such functions, Reilly has revealed the sensitive heart that enables him to connect with his audience.

Tossa Sky, Steve Reilly's second release, will soon be available on iTunes.

“I want to reach as many people as possible,” Reilly said. “To play my songs for as many people as possible, and to build on my rapport with the American audience through my work. I want to be recognized for this.”

Currently, Reilly is putting the final touches on his latest album, “Into the Night,”  previously recorded at Uppercut Recordings in Dublin. This time out, fans can expect a “darker album” in which the poetic Reilly admittedly focuses on his “demons, and dealing with my sins, and trying to walk the shadowed landscape that lies between these two places.”

Steve Reilly will bring his original music to the Dublin House on Thursday evening at nine, where he will also perform traditional and contemporary Irish music. On Friday, February 25th at 10:00 pm, Reilly and The One Way Ticket will appear at Johnny Mac House of Spirits in Asbury Park, and on the 27th at 8:00 pm, Reilly will once again be at House of Spirits with Roots-Songs from the Homeland. Friday, March 4th, catch Reilly at D'Arcy's Tavern in Bradley Beach at 10:00 pm, or if you're heading into New York, stop into The Red Lion on Bleecker Street on Saturday, March 5th, where Reilly performs at 7:00 pm.

For further information and updates on Steve Reilly, or to link to his Facebook and MySpace pages. check out www.stevereillymusic.com.