Letter to the editor

Dearest Allan,

We know how difficult this decision has been for you to put the Atlantic Highlands Herald on an extended hiatus, but, we have no doubts you will continue to be a great neighbor and respected community leader, providing information and provoking thoughts among our neighbors.

As hard as this is for you, we hope you will remember all that you have accomplished with this venture. You always stayed true to your promise to provide family, friends, and neighbors with accurate information regarding their local news and county emergencies. You provided helpful and necessary information during 9-11, Super Storm Sandy and Covid, to mention only a few. You have been of service to your readers while also giving a place for your dedicated columnists to share their views. We can’t begin to count how many non-profit organizations you have helped along the way, publishing any press release that was sent to you.

We know first-hand how hard you worked to learn about new ways and tools to bring your product into the electronic age, after all, The AH Herald is the 1st official online news publication, setting the pace for others to follow. Something you should be truly proud of.

When you first published The Herald, you made the entire Bayshore more visible by filling the void of local news at the time. You have spent time covering elections from Local School Board to State House and Gubernatorial; covering so many feel-good news stories while always delivering the sad news with a sense of duty and reverence.

For readers abreast and abroad, you became a lifeline of important information that kept them up-to-date about their beloved hometowns. The forum that you hosted pre-dates the “Town Pages” on Facebook by a decade or more. You have always been a forward thinking person who has been ahead of the curve on many things we take for granted in the modern world.

We are extremely proud of you and your vision. So much so, that we are very excited for whatever you do next.

“Proud of the friends I keep, Proud of the ends I seek”

Remember, when one door closes another always opens…. You just have to look for the door!

Jacque and Cranston Dean (Your biggest fans)

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