Dear Readers,

The Atlantic Highlands Herald will be on extended hiatus effective today. After 23 years, I feel it is time for me to take a break from publishing local news. I am forever grateful to the large number of contributors who informed our readers about things happening in and around Monmouth County. Columnists who shared their opinions on ecology, religion, politics, education, beer, life’s everyday foibles, and so much more.

The website will remain online but will be updated only when local or county emergencies warrant an announcement. Emergency and other announcements will be published to our email list of Newsbrief subscribers.

I wish to thank all the advertisers who have shown faith in our local publication over the decades.

From its infancy – a year after Google got its start – the Herald has transformed the way we communicate as a community, sharing local news and events. At their reorganization meeting in January 2000, the Atlantic Highlands Mayor and Council opted to go beyond what was required by state statute and appointed the Atlantic Highlands Herald as one of their official newspapers. This made the Herald the first “official” online newspaper in America. I am grateful to former Mayor Mike Harmon and to that council for the distinct honor.

In those days before facebook, each community in the bayshore shared opinions on the AHHerald Forum, a bulletin board for ideas.

As 9/11 tore our hearts, the Herald shared our grief and the many candlelight vigils. As Sandy ripped our communities to shreds we found strength in each other. Neighbors helping neighbors and the Herald was there to tell their stories.

There are today a number of very fine local publications to produce solid news reporting and the people to curate and edit that news. We are thankful that such publications exist and encourage you to subscribe to a local print or hyperlocal newspaper.

Thank you for allowing us to share the news!

Allan Dean

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Allan Dean is editor, publisher, and founder of the Atlantic Highlands Herald. Published since 1999 and selected in 2000 by the Borough of Atlantic Highlands as one of their official newspapers, making...