House collapsed into Yellowstone River during flooding.
House collapsed into Yellowstone River during flooding.

The devastating flooding in Yellowstone has left some employees without a home.

There is a local connection to one of those employees who resided in the home we have seen on national television collapsing and floating away down the gorging Yellowstone River.

Sal Albanese, Jr. has begun a GoFundMe page to assist his sister and her family who resided in the building. The fund has so far raised $840 in the 2 hours it has been active.

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His sister and her husband are Vikki and TJ Britton. Vikki is the daughter of Sal, Sr. and Tina Albanese of Highlands, NJ.

Sal writes, “On 6/13/22 at 10:30AM ET, I received a text that my sister, her husband and their pets are evacuating their home which is perched in a beautiful location on the Yellowstone River in Gardiner Montana. Just one day before, she told us that the water levels were getting higher due to some weather up the mountain. Then at 10:30, we receive a video of water rushing by just inches from her back deck. The house is a duplex apartment that they share with their neighbors. Both decks overlook the river.”

Mr. Albanese continued, “Not 7 hours later, we receive a video of the River sweeping away her garage and everything in it. Then 4 hours after that as the River raged on, we received the worst news we could. My sisters house was washed away and down the Yellowstone River last night. The entire house is gone and everything that they could not get out is lost.”

He said, “I often feel helpless being on the other side of the country but this is a way that we can all help! Please consider donating to help my sister and her family get back on their feet. It’s not going to be easy but any little bit will make it easier on them.”

You can make a donation through GoFundMe at:

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