Gary Wolf , Angel Orsini, Co-Director Christopher Annino
Gary Wolf , Angel Orsini, Co-Director Christopher Annino

New Jersey wrestlers Gary Wolf, Angel Orsini, and Jimmy Romer will be doing a signing along with a rare New Jersey appearance from NWA legends Toni Rose, Susan Tex Green, and NPC Champion Nikki Moccia. They will all be doing a signing at the Mennen Sports Arena in Morristown, New Jersey on May 7th for 80’s Wrestle Con. While there, the wrestlers will be finishing up the documentary “Circle of Champions the History of Women’s Pro Wrestling” starring numerous WWE, NWA, TNA, and AEW wrestling legends. The documentary is about preserving and empowering women’s pro wrestling history. The film is Co-Directed by International Award Winning Filmmaker Christopher Annino and endorsed drummer Kathy Steahle . The film will be finished fall of next year and their first premier proceeds will go to the Cauliflower Alley Club a nonprofit organization that helps pro wrestlers in need.

Born in Hammonton New Jersey, ECW Original Pitbull # 1 Gary Wolf Gary won numerous championships and awards however he has always given back especially when it came to helping children and animals. Wolf broke his neck in a legendary match going against “The Franchise” Shane Douglas. For months he was in a halo and had a difficult time walking. He managed to recover and have a great second half of his career. Wolf was in the legendary Pitbulls tag team with Philly native Anthony Durante. The team was the most dominant team in wrestling for years. Some notable feuds he had were against WWE Hall of Famer’s Rob Van Dam, and The Dudley Boys. In his spare time both he and fellow ECW alumni Angel Orsini separately save dogs.

Angel Orsini
Angel Orsini will be signing memorabilia at the Mennen Sports Arena in Morristown, New Jersey on May 7th

Angel grew up on a New Jersey farm and attended Holmdel High where she thrived in track and field, gymnastics and basketball. After a violent incident occurred in her youth that almost cost her life. Angel dedicated her life to martial arts and achieved her black belt in Taekwondo. She became a pro wrestler and was trained by Liz Chase and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. At the height of her career she was in a near fatal car accident. Angel Orsini is now in her fifties and holds two pro wrestling titles for two different companies one from New Jersey based Spartan Championship Wrestling Orsini is also a life coach and has a wellness business called “Elevated Living” Orsini, began her journey by mentoring her film director Christopher Annino who suffers from severe PTSD.

Howell, New Jersey resident Jimmy Romer aka Sgt. Jimmy Controversy is the owner of Lockdown Superstars. His company has teamed up with the New England Music Hall of Fame will be helping numerous charities and individuals.

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