New Jersey has set some new records recently–but not the sort we like to see. Last week, the state broke a record for the highest gas prices ever, when the price of a gallon of unleaded first edged over $4.08. Since then, energy prices have only gone up. Now a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline costs more than $4.30, with may predicting that the worst is yet to come. These recent price increases after a year of ill-considered energy policies from Washington that pushed gas prices up more than $1 per gallon in 2021.

Some politicians see these prices and call for investigations into price gouging. But that’s blaming the wrong parties. Americans are seeing higher gas prices today because politicians in Washington, DC have adopted policies to reduce energy production and lower the supply of domestic energy.

The decisions to block the Keystone XL pipeline, pause offshore drilling, or halt the leasing and permitting of oil and natural gas production on public lands all contributed to the sky-high gas prices we are seeing today.

Supporters of the so-called energy transition want to ignore the real economic harm caused by the “pain at the pump,” which all too often hurts the working class and lower-income residents the most. It is time for energy policy to support investment in the sources of energy that are already powering our country—oil and gas.

Congressional canidates Rik Mehta (NJ-06) will establish policy that helps relieve the ever growing “pain at the pump” by investing in domestic energy production.

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

Daniel Laucik Jr.

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Daniel Laucik Jr.

Daniel Laucik Jr. is the Executive Director of New Jersey Young Republicans.

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