Candidate Rik Mehta
6th Congressional District Candidate Rik Mehta

HIGHLANDS – In a half hour talk before the Highlands Republican Club that was interrupted by applause six times, Congressional candidate Rik Mehta made it clear “I don’t have to run, I choose to run to better serve the people of the 6th Congressional district.”

    Mehta, who holds degrees in pharmacy and law and is also a small business owner, with a background in federal government, also promised to take action once elected in promoting term limits for Congressional representatives, saying he is definitely starting with himself.  “I think I can get a lot accomplished in six years, three terms,” he said, “I’m not going into this election because I need a higher salary or want a lifetime job. I’m going into it to represent the people of Monmouth and Middlesex counties, hear their problems, and set about helping them resolve them.”

     The Middlesex County resident also noted that the 6th district, which is comprised of portions of both Monmouth and Middlesex counties, has approximately 70 per cent of the voting population in Middlesex, with the remaining 30 per cent Monmouth voters.

    Directing his address to the club members without notes and touching on dozens of topics with data, statistics, and background information, Mehta said he is running his campaign on the importance of the 4 Es…..economy, education, energy, and most recently, election integrity.  He cited the present trend where the United States is becoming more dependent on foreign countries, most of them not our friends, for fuel, in spite of its plenty within our national borders, criticized the power of teachers unions and the role they are playing in taking rights away from parents in providing proper education for their children. He also stressed the importance of environmental protection, citing the actions Republican leaders have taken, which he endorses and supports, to protect the environment. He contrasted GOP advancements in environmental protection and the lack of strong leadership ideas from incumbent Congressman Frank Pallone  who heads the House Committee on  Energy and Commerce Committee . He pointed out Pallone, as Chairman of the committee,  deals with the issues of health care, energy, and the environment but said he has done little to protect each of these issues for his constituents.

    Promising a series of town hall meetings and getting to know his constituents and their views, Mehta asked whether the incumbent Congressman has ever held similar meetings in Atlantic Highlands or the Bayshore area.

     Mehta only hit briefly on this week’s GOP convention in Middlesex County which he lost to Monmouth County endorsed candidate Susan Kiley, and read published statements from municipal chairs in Middlesex who challenged the integrity of the election, and allegedly added voters and changed rules after the election. Mehta said he would not use campaign funds or any funds he could direct towards his campaign to institute suit against the leadership that is alleged to have acted improperly in that election. “We don’t need them” he said, referring to any persons who are guilty of wrongdoing in any election. “We’re doing the right thing.”

    Nor did Mehta mention any qualifications of Kiley, who received the Monmouth County endorsement for the party line in the June primary, but noted he has been an underdog before, and he trusts in voters to make a choice for integrity and experience regardless of where they appear on the primary ballot.

     The candidate invites questions from voters on his plans for saving small business, ending illegal immigration, ending lockdowns and mask mandates, and teaching the critical race theory in schools, which he strongly opposes.    His website is     .

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