Eatontown, NJ – The Monmouth County SPCA Law Enforcement Division is currently investigating two cases of extreme cruelty, both of which happened this past weekend, and are now seeking the help of the public for information.

The first case comes from Asbury Park, where Monmouth County Animal Control was contacted by Asbury Park Police when a 10-week-old pitbull puppy was found with severe injuries, both visible and internal. The puppy, now named Laddy, had seemingly been abused and suffered blunt force trauma to the head causing multiple skull fractures. The puppy also had several lacerations on his face and ears causing excessive swelling. Laddy was rushed to a 24-hour emergency hospital where he was stabilized and given pain medication until he was able to be transferred to the Monmouth County SPCA. Details on this are still unfolding and information will be released as it becomes available.

MCSPCA two puppies rescued
MCSPCA two puppies rescued. Credit: Monmouth County SPCA

The second case happened that same day when a good Samaritan discovered a litter of 9 newborn puppies abandoned in a box and discarded with piles of trash at Collingwood Auction in Farmingdale. The Monmouth County SPCA was alerted and the litter of puppies was promptly recovered by the shelter’s Animal Control. MCSPCA medical staff determined the puppies were approximately 24-hours old, still having their umbilical cords attached. The puppies presented with dehydration and lethargy and were immediately provided with heat and individual tube-feedings every few hours. Sadly, one puppy passed away but as of Wednesday the rest of the litter is slowly and steadily recovering.

MCSPCA Abandoned Puppy Litter.
MCSPCA Abandoned Puppy Litter. Credit: Monmouth County SPCA

Ross Licitra, Executive Director of the Monmouth County SPCA says, “The entire mission of the Monmouth County SPCA is to prevent cruelty to animals, and when we see cases like this, it immediately becomes the priority of our Humane Law Enforcement Officers. We urge anyone who has information to contact us, as we can only create a better future for the animals of Monmouth County with the help and support of our surrounding communities.”

See video of feeding of one of the puppies

The Monmouth County SPCA’s Law Enforcement Division is now looking for information on both of these cases.

If you have any information pertaining to either of these heinous acts, please contact the Monmouth County Cruelty Hotline by calling 877-898-7297 or the Monmouth County Prosecutors Tip Line at 800-671-4400. All calls can remain anonymous. Donations to support these animals and the shelter can be made here:

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