Dr Lauren Glowzenski recipient of 2022 Young Swine Veterinarian of the Year
Dr Lauren Glowzenski recipient of 2022 Young Swine. Veterinarian of the Year Award. Photo courtesy of Sherrie Webb

March 2, 2022 — The American Association of Swine Veterinarian’s Young Swine Veterinarian of the Year award was presented to Dr Lauren Glowzenski during the 53rd AASV Annual Meeting in Indianapolis. The award is given annually to an AASV member five or less years post veterinary graduation who has demonstrated the ideals of exemplary service and proficiency early in their career.

Dr Glowzenski is the Manager of Veterinarian Services at TriOak Foods in Oakville, Iowa, where she is responsible for the overall health and well-being of all TriOak Foods’ pigs.

Glowzenski was raised in Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, where her family established and continues to run Highland Farms, a full-service horse boarding and training facility. Her upbringing around large animals fueled her interests in animal health and helped inspire her pursuit of veterinary medicine.

Glowzenski received a BA from Sarah Lawrence College in 2009. With an indirect path into veterinary medicine, she spent two years as a general science and emotional support educator in inner-city Philadelphia withTeach for America. She simultaneously completed her MSEd (University of Pennsylvania) in 2011. 

A 2016 VMD graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, Dr Glowzenski discovered her calling in swine medicine through internships and mentorship. She has been employed as a swine production company veterinarian since graduation, holds licenses to practice in 10 states, and has demonstrated exemplary proficiency early in her career.

Dr Glowzenski is dedicated to the swine veterinary profession and to the AASV. She embraced opportunities to become involved as a student through attendance and poster presentations at AASV Annual Meetings. She received the top “AASV’s Got Talent” award for her 2018 presentation, “Deep tracheal sampling technique for Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae PCR diagnostics: An alternative to laryngeal sampling.” Currently, she is a member of the AASV Boar Stud and Pharmaceutical Issues Committees and PRRS Task Force.

Nominated for this award by many mentors, colleagues, and clients, all spoke to Dr Glowzenski’s unique ability think critically. Her creativity in clinical skills has led to significant reduction and elimination of disease in herds she oversees. She readily shares her innovative practices and encourages others to think critically, while always maintaining a positive outlook and a smile, even in the worst of times.

Upon acceptance of the award, Dr Glowzenski commented, “I am honored to be the 2022 recipient of AASV’s Young Swine Veterinarian of the Year award and am extremely thankful for this recognition early in my career. Receiving this accolade from an organization that is composed of my peers and mentors is truly a privilege. I am grateful to be a member of AASV and look forward to our industry’s future.”

Glowzenski resides in southeast Iowa with her family, including a herd of meat goats, laying hens, dogs, and horses. She enjoys horseback riding in her spare time.

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