ATLANTIC HIGHLANDS, NJ – During the 2021 calendar year, three (3) internal affairs complaints were lodged by citizens against members of our department. The disposition of 2021 complaints are as follows:

• 2 – Closed/Unfounded
• 1 – Administrative Closure

In addition, one (1) complaint that originated during the 2020 calendar year, was completed in 2021 which stemmed from a citizen’s complaint. The disposition of this case was “Exonerated”.

Internal complaints usually originate from a front-line supervisor detecting deficiencies in an officer’s performance, a policy violation, being involved in a motor vehicle crash while on duty operating a department vehicle, or deficiencies identified through routine inspections conducted by the internal affairs unit. There was one (1) internal complaint within the organization that resulted in a sustained complaint.

In accordance with reporting requirements outlined in the New Jersey Attorney General Guidelines Governing Internal Affairs Policy and Procedures, there were no complaints where a fine or suspension of five days or more were assessed to a member of our department in the calendar year 2021.

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Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean in residency at Langosta Lounge in Asbury Park
Jackson Pines and Cranston Dean at Langosta

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