Always enjoy getting to the movies a few times over the holiday season so 1 so far. I picked the shortest movie in the theaters which was “American Underdog : The Kurt Warner Story which came in at 83 minutes. Knew bits & pieces of this true story involvind an NFL football so I knew I was gonna like it.

This is a true story of an off the grid quarterback at off the grid Northern Iowa University till the 2nd half of his 5th season. No doubt he finished his college career strong and hence to late to get drafted into the NFL. Warner bounced around various life opportunities while never taking his eye off the lifelong dream to be an NFL Quarterback. From Arena Football, to stocking shelves at a local supermarket to meeting the love of his life (I still can’t belief that Anna Paquin from “The Piano is a grown women.

This movie is for all rated PG! Never happens – nice story, Rudy like story, don’t have to love football (but helps), but a pretty darn mix of happiness, smiles, faith, relationships, tears, life hurdles and real life.

This true story occured roughly 20 years ago and I remember the player and the sub story (alluded to above). However I never put all the pieces of the puzzle together to understand the level of accomplishment when he is considered “The
Greatest Undrafted Football Player in NFL history). That is a jaw-dropping recognition.

A modern day “Rudy” movie but at the highest level ‚Ķfor all members
of the family. A fine holiday treat


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