ATL. HIGHLANDS –  Councilman Brian Boms was unanimously named Council President  at the reorganization meeting of the Mayor and Council, held virtually at noon. Boms  was elected to his first full term on the governing body November 2020, along with incumbents Mayor Loretta Gluckstein and Steven Boracchia.

While voting to approve Boms to the position was unanimous, Democrat Councilwoman Lori Hohenleitner said she felt current council president James Murphy was doing a great job, and Democrat Jon Crowley wondered aloud why Boracchia was not selected as the most senior member of the governing body.

There was little discussion at the meeting, which lasted just over half an hour, and unanimous votes on all but one appointment, when Crowley voted against Michael Steib as special counsel.

Borough attorney Jason Sena was continued in that position, along with Robert Swisher, borough auditor, Greg Vialesi, PE of CME Associates, borough engineer, John Dankowicz, bond council and James Butler Chief prosecutor of the Municipal Court. Patrick Healy was named a prosecutor for the court.

Kevin Wigginton was named public defender and Wendy Crothers, alternate public defender, Jeffrey Surenian, special counsel on Affordable Housing, Heyer, Gruel and Sossications, planner for the Housing Elements and Fair Share Plan, and Michael Lipari, redevelopment counsel as needed.


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Regular council meetings will continue to be the second and fourth Thursdays of the month with at least the Jan. 13 meeting scheduled to be conducted  virtually.

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