Christmas is an incredibly special time of year and a time to spend with family and friends, as well as with those to whom we can bring friendship and love.   It is also a time to express appreciation and thanks to all who have impacted your life throughout the year, and wish them happiness, success and continued blessings in the New Year.    

For me, it is a time to thank all of you who have made my newest endeavor, the overwhelming success it has become in the months since I first started it.  I have thousands of readers representing every state in the Union and at least 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South Americas and Australia.   

I thank all of you for the support of my two most recent books, The ABCs of Highlands, which was published just over a year ago, and my Christmas Legends of the Bayshore published earlier this month. Both have been so well received and I am truly grateful.   

I thank all those who are profuse in their praise for my writing and writing style, for my love of history and similarly, love of the Bayshore of Monmouth County. I also thank those who are critical of what I say, or the way I say it; their ideas and reasons, if they give any, give me impetus to review my writings and give more thought to the next.   

I thank the politicians and others with whom I disagree who have the maturity and realization to know that while we can have alternative positions on some issues, we certainly have agreement and commitment on many others; disagreements of opinions should never sever friendship or an ability to work together on other common causes.     


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While I spend Christmas with a family I love so much either virtually because of distance and circumstances or in person because of proximity and ability, I wish to each one of you the happiness I have in my life, the friendships I cherish, and the thrill of looking forward to new and exciting things, activities, and adventures in 2022.    

Merry Christmas and a Very Happy Year . Muriel 

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Muriel J. Smith

Muriel J Smith

Muriel J Smith an award-winning journalist, former newspaper editor, book author and historian, Her newest venture is her blog, in...